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The industrial revolution brought decorative ornament to its Epoch ,  nowhere is this better seen than the great corporate of decorative foundries in France from 1800 to 1900 the Val De Onse group of foundries , there is  no corner of the world will you not find fine examples of their work . Producing Iron and Bronze fountains Urns, Street lamps and every form of architectural decoration. As an antique reproduction technician I have been fortunate to have handled hundreds of originals and made exact reproductions from them in metal Today we can reproduce these in cement with Spray-up GRC!


val de osne catalog page

I have scanned a few pages from one of the antique 1800s Val D Osne catalogs check it out New Picture Gallery


One thing that this decorative metal industry gave the decorative industry was an unlimited  freedom to design and build within the capabilities of cast metal . with fine refined lines and proportions that were impossible to produce in cement composites  , though many fine composite  articles were produced refer COADE STONE, BLSHFIELD simply these mediums did not have the freedom of the cast metal .

GRC gave us the ability to do just this with cement . it not only gave us the ability to reproduce antique metal fountains, urns etc. with the same  fine lines and detail but it gives designer in composite stone the freedom to develop products without the limitations of the precast industry before it .  GRC has its own design specifics but even with these it gives us unheard of design freedom ! 

bronze coppy

This image above  shows a bronze reproduction I made from an original cast iron fountain, circa 1850 . This reproduction was  cast in the early 1990s, look at the fine line of the fountain bowl and look below at the GRC fountain I later developed based on  this original antique !



GRC fountain from the origonal design

Actual GRC fountain

These Fountains I re-developed for GRC . each design is based on original fountains I Cast 20 years earlier in Bronze from original Antiques or from Antique trade catalogs . Note here the fine line of the fountain Bowls that are no thicker than the original cast iron less than   6 mm or 1/4 inch  thick . The finish on these fountains is REAL IRON  finish and REAL BRONZE Finish on the Festoons

Actual GRC fountain

Actual GRC fountain

reproduction cast iron fountain in GRC


These are all cement composites

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