Spray Up

SPRAY UP !    

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


Spray up GRC is a process of Spraying a composite of fiber and cement simultaneously onto the mold surface in a single operation. In this way it is possible to build up a matrix that contains above 5% fiber, a fiber ratio not possible by any other method. (Spraying of a Pre-mix, of slurry and fiber   through a pumping device and spluttering it onto a surface is not spray up GRC . Spray up GRC has over 5% fiber; the fiber length and orientation are controlled by the spray gun parameters. This requires specific equipment, knowledge and skill as well as a discipline to procedures.




Sprayed GRC composites are actually formed by a spray and roll process. The rolling is done with a special roller that compacts the composite against the mold surface after it is sprayed. The composite is usually built up by spraying and rolling several layers 



rolling GRC onto a mold surface     compound spring roller

Note the roller is designed to roll compound surfaces, in decorative GRC very little is flat



spray team

A spray teem originally  from Stone Accents Manila




what is ARG

What is GRC ? The Technology
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